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Memoir coming Fall 2025 from Algonquin Books. She’s Under Here: A Love Story, A Horror Story, A Reckoning is about my decision to disappear with my new husband and two young daughters, when living with fear of my ex became untenable—this was DIY witness protection. SUH examines the lines between victim and perpetrator, desire and regret; myriad complicated choices when there are no good options; and how living under a false identity ultimately led me to find myself.

All You Really Need to Know: I’m an only child (and not spoiled, really) who spent twelve years in Catholic schools and seven more off-and-on years in college, but my education largely took place at the Cahuenga Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library. Decades later, not much has changed. I again live in L.A. and I still spend a lot of time at the library — if I had to choose between reading and eating, I’d be dead in a week.

The Official Version: Karen Palmer is the author of a forthcoming memoir She’s Under Here, and the novels All Saints and Border Dogs. She has been awarded a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship, MacDowell and Yaddo fellowships, and grants from the Colorado Council on the Arts. Her essay, “The Reader Is the Protagonist,” published in Virginia Quarterly Review, was selected by Leslie Jamison for inclusion in Best American Essays 2017; Virginia Quarterly Review also published her short story “Birds of Paradise” (from a novel-in-progress), which won the 2022 Emily Clark Balch Prize for Fiction. A short story, “Virtuoso Mio,” received a Pushcart Prize and is anthologized in The Bedford/St. Martin’s Introduction to Literature. Other writing has appeared in The Rumpus, The Kenyon Review, The Denver Post, Five Points, Arts & Letters, The Manifest-Station, and Kalliope. Karen has taught at UCLA Extension and at Lighthouse Writers in Denver, Colorado.










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